Presentation of ARISTOILCAP in Conference for Rural Development in Kalamata, Greece

On 24 and 25 July, the two-day Conference on Rural Development (Aromatic-Medicinal Plants and Olive Oil with Health Claim) was held with great success in Ariochori Kalamata, which was co-organized by the Municipality of Kalamata and the EGTC EFXINI POLI.

The conference was attended by mayors, members of local and regional authorities, researchers and university professors, farmers, olive oil producers’ associations, manufacturers, and the general public.

The ARISTOIL CAP program was presented at the event, while lectures and workshops were held to highlight good practices in olive oil production and packaging so that Greek producers can produce a quality olive oil, with health claim, in order to increase the income of olive producers, but also so that consumers can enjoy a functional (health-protected) olive oil.

More specifically, the presentations of scientific studies of the existing situation and the activities carried out were mainly related to:

  • The need to transfer knowledge to local scientists, who will have a multiplier effect on the dissemination of knowledge to local farmers
  • The aromatic and medicinal plants, quality olive oil and their interrelationships
  • The health protection of aromatic plants and the use of aromatic plants in pharmacology and clinical research
  • The latest clinical research conducted in Greece and abroad using olive oil rich in polyphenols for the treatment-prevention of a number of diseases